April 03, 2018

What’s new in the Spring release of ipushpull?

By Katya Mironova

Live collaboration between applications, live charts, and multi-tiled workspaces



The new release of the ipushpull Excel Add-in is easier to use and importantly allows you to share live charts! The ipushpull Excel Add-in allows you to collaborate in real-time with other desktop Excel users while also connecting to other applications such as the ipushpull Web App, interactive web pages or chat applications like Symphony and Slack.



With the new version of ipushpull you can now copy and paste data directly into the Web App from other applications making ipushpull even easier to use. You can also now display live updating charts and other live content in the ipushpull Web App, in connected applications or embedded in your WordPress site or other website.




ipushpull is excited to launch Workspaces to our beta testing customers. Rather than switching between pages in your ipushpull Web App, you can now view multiple pages as tiles in a configurable live Workspace, retaining all the features of the ipushpull Web App.

Workspaces also allows new content types to be displayed such as  live updating charts generated from our new Excel add-in, PDFs or presentations, and even live streaming audio or video. Everything you need in one manageable space with the same reliable permissions.


release of ipushpull


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