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ipushpull live data and workflow solutions deliver efficiency, agility, and resilience.

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Explore the ways ipushpull can help your business work smoother and smarter.

  • Pre-trade negotiation
  • Data distribution
  • Automated workflow
  • Central client view
  • Live risk consolidation

Pre-trade negotiation

Pre-trade negotiation

Connect sales and trading desks with clients in real-time through your ipushpull service. ipushpull integrates live data into chat and desktop apps like Excel which means live pricing, streamlined workflows and a better service.


Data distribution

Data distribution

Connect your data or pricing platform to client applications in real-time, using your ipushpull low-code service. Audit user activity, monitor usage and enhance your client service to better monetise your digital distribution channels.


Automated workflow

Automated workflow

Replace repetitive tasks, copy/paste & admin work with workflow automation. Automate existing workflow (price discovery, auctions and matching sessions). Scale across desk, product and asset class.


Central client view

Central client view

We can help you to integrate the ipushpull platform to your existing systems as a multi-channel client information service, providing valuable market information and KPIs in real time or on-demand into desktop or mobile apps.


Live risk consolidation

Live risk consolidation

Combine risk screens into one using ipushpull’s simple, secure live data sharing. View your risk the way you want to see it. Set up alerts on P&L or exposure. Share risk data into your chat rooms.


Our fast-to-market approach

Our no-code platform makes it fast-to-market but so is our approach. We’ll listen closely to understand your problem and then prototype and iterate quickly with you. The ipushpull process is fast, cost-effective, flexible and highly focussed, leveraging our configurable platform.

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With you every step of the way

Managed Service and Support.
We’ll manage your ipushpull service for you as well as assist with all new deployments and support.

Maintenance and upgrades.
We’ll maintain compatibility with 3rd party applications and ensure your clients are always on the right version.

Evolve & Innovate
In a rapidly evolving market, we make sure your solution is future proofed.

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