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Transform your efficiency across the trade lifecycle with ipushpull's omnichannel workflow automation and analytics tools.

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Big cost savings and trading efficiencies

Fast time-to-market, immediate impact and returns

Reduce desk costs

Minimise desk costs through improved automation and efficiency

Improve workflow

Communicate with counterparties for better, faster resolutions/outcomes

Better oversight

Improve oversight and build insight into counterparty services

Example solutions for Asset Managers

With our configurable platform, we can deliver solutions in days not months
  • Trade Capture & Booking
  • Workflow Monitoring
  • Service Analytics
  • Quote Hub

Trade Capture & Booking

Trade Capture & Booking

Automate capture and input of trade confirmations from chat, emails and any other sources.

Automate enrichment and booking of trades to your deal management platform.

Automate reporting of trades for compliance and best execution.
trade capture & booking

Workflow Monitoring

Workflow Monitoring

All your messages live across all platforms, captured standardised and stored in ipushpull Warehouse.
Monitor messages in real time across your desk in configurable views with automated alerts for priority trades and tasks.
monitor & manage

Service Analytics

Service Analytics

A central dashboard to analyse your messages and interactions across all platforms.

Monitor your counterparties historically and track your KPIs.

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Quote Hub

Quote Hub

Aggregate prices and orders omnichannel, across Excel, chat or API to build liquidity into a virtual orderbook.
Improve price discovery, reduce manual tasks and eliminate errors.
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Efficient Trading

Implementing efficient trading practices through automation, significantly reduces the time and effort spent on post-trade admin. Enabling staff to dedicate more time to analysis, trading and building relationships.

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Digitisation of Pre-trade Client Workflows - How will standardisation and automation improve efficiency?

Learn how financial institutions are eliminating manual processes in the pre-trade negotiation environment.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to get started?

It is quick and easy. Simply speak to our sales team or sign up for a free trial online and we will reach out to you. ipushpull is a no-code, configurable platform which means you can connect your data easily and could be up and running for you and your clients with a proof of concept or pilot in a matter of days or even hours.

Can you help with a proof of concept?

Yes of course. Just get in touch and our support team will answer all your questions to help you get up and running fast. If you do not have the resources available, just tell us what you need, and we can create a proof of concept for you. 

How is ipushpull hosted?

ipushpull is delivered as SaaS. It can be dedicated to you and include your own white-labelling URLs and customisation, or it can be delivered over a shared multi-tenant service. Our primary hosting service is AWS with the flexibility to host on a service geographically close to your business as required. We can also deliver on other hosting services if required. 

Is my data secure?

Yes - ipushpull is ISO 27001 certified. Your data is secure and is encrypted in flight and when at rest. ipushpull uses encryption in transit between your applications or service and your ipushpull service and between your ipushpull service and any end-user client application. Any data stored in your ipushpull database is also encrypted. It is used by global large financial institutions.

Who are your customers?

Over 100 financial institutions that have to comply with strict regulations already use ipushpull. We’ve never had any problems with technical due diligence.

What are the top use cases?

The top use cases across Capital markets include:

-Share live price data and trade opportunities in your Excel sheet to clients on a live web page. 

-Allow clients to access your data on demand from common chat applications with user-friendly commands. 

-Send automated alerts and notifications to clients based on your data and rules into their messaging/chat platform.  

-Enabling clients to send back orders in standard form by simply clicking on a price on a configurable web app or pop-up forms, or by typing chat commands. 

-Automating tasks on the desk and monitoring your client or counterparty interest for a more efficient and improved service. 

What is your charging model?

ipushpull is a SaaS platform. We offer flexible pricing based on quarterly or annual licenses with packages based on the type of hosting, and the features and solutions implemented.

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