Lost in Translation? FIX it with Chatbot translation!

Introduction to FIX Protocol in Financial Markets

FIX protocol, has long stood as the backbone of communication in financial markets. It's a powerful and efficient means of transmitting messages between participants, ensuring quick and reliable communication. However, its technical nature makes it inaccessible to the typical user on the desk. Most people don't have the time or inclination to delve into the intricacies of FIX or the resources to connect to FIX. They need a more straightforward way to interact with these data standards - a language they already understand. 


Bridging the Gap: Natural Language and FIX Protocol

So, what if we could converse with FIX in natural language via chatbots? What if we could democratize the understanding and utilisation of FIX by translating it into the universal language of conversation? This is where ipushpull steps in, offering an innovative FIX translation service through its advanced bot framework. The service was a topic of interest at the FIX EMEA conference earlier this year, where industry professionals expressed a keen interest in simplifying data standards and enhancing electronic and integrated trading workflows.


Market Demand for Improved Communication and Integration

A staggering 42% of delegates at the conference highlighted the need for improved data standards, while 32% advocated for better electronic and integrated trading workflows. These figures underscore a critical industry direction: the pursuit of efficiency and productivity through seamless communication channels.


ipushpull's Innovative Approach to FIX Messages

ipushpull's service ingeniously converts FIX messages into conversational language, making them compatible with messaging platforms such as Slack, Symphony, and Teams. This translation not only facilitates a better understanding of the data being exchanged but also integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, allowing for an unprecedented level of accessibility and efficiency.


Key Features of ipushpull’s FIX Translation Service

The service's versatility is showcased through its multiple dialects:

  • FIX to Chat: Utilising the IPP chatbot framework, it maps pre- and post-trade FIX messages to chat platforms, enhancing the communication flow.
  • FIX to Excel: This feature directly maps FIX messages into Excel, streamlining data management.
  • FIX to Webpage: By mapping FIX messages to an IPP Workspace in a browser, it offers a visual and interactive representation of data.


Impact and Benefits of Chatbot Automation in Trading

The practical implications of ipushpull's service are profound. A leading Interdealer Broker (IDB) reported a 70% booking rate of trades via Straight Through Processing (STP) through chatbot automation, significantly reducing manual intervention. This not only speaks to the efficiency of ipushpull's solution but also highlights the transformative potential of integrating conversational interfaces into the trading process.


Exploring Further: FIX and REST APIs Integration

For those intrigued by the synergy between FIX and REST APIs, ipushpull offers compelling solutions that broaden the scope of connectivity and accessibility for market participants. By facilitating a more intuitive interaction with FIX protocols, ipushpull aims to elevate the efficiency and productivity of market participants, making data standards more approachable than ever.


Conclusion: The Future of FIX in Financial Markets

As financial markets continue to evolve, the necessity for inclusive and efficient communication solutions becomes increasingly apparent. ipushpull's FIX translation service represents a significant leap forward, bridging the gap between technical specifications and the everyday language of market participants. For those eager to explore the future of financial communication, ipushpull invites you to discover how their FIX translation and integrations can revolutionise your trading workflow.

Interested in FIX and REST APIs? Check out this recent blog. If you have clients who want to access your data and connect to your service but lack the time or resources to connect via FIX or want to learn more about how our FIX translation/integrations improve efficiency and productivity for market participants, get in touch.

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