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ipushpull is a cloud-based data-sharing platform that connects desktop Excel to websites, web apps and cloud services. Our number 1 ranked WordPress plugin lets you display live Excel data onto the web. From there you can choose whether you want to share it privately with other ipushpull users or share it with everyone by embedding it into your website. It’s easy for those wanting to share Excel to WordPress as our handy WordPress plugin helps build the shortcode for you.

Although ipushpull was created to get live futures trading data onto a mobile device, the uses of the platform have been wide-ranging. Keep reading to see how creative ipushpull users have been in finding alternative uses for our unique technology, including leader boards, schedules, retail price lists and even rankings.

Excel to WordPress for Trading

A former Bangalore Stock Exchange member has set up algorithmic trading strategies for stocks, futures, and commodities markets. As the algorithms run, using Excel as a calculation tool, they use ipushpull to display the live market signals onto their website. This provides the most up-to-date data. Golden Algo has been happy to use ipushpull and said that they are ‘grateful and appreciate your prompt and quick support’.


Excel to WordPress for Leader Boards

As the sanctioning body for two of the most popular iRacing leagues, QRS keeps track of the latest results. For the Continental Endurance Sports Car Series, they use ipushpull to display the live team and driver results of the different types of cars, with their car number, position, name, points and race location in real-time on their website.


Excel to WordPress for Schedules

Lifeguard University is a certified lifeguard training program provider offering free resources, rescue skills, and certified training. They use ipushpull for their scheduling system so that everyone can have easy access to it on the web. They currently use it to show the U.S. Olympic Trials Swimming schedule.

Excel to WordPress

Excel to WordPress for Retail Price Lists

A rental company based in Bluffton Indiana rents out equipment from brick pavers to bouncy castles. The rental prices vary for 4 hours, overnight, 24 hours, and weekly rentals of equipment. To be able to maintain and easily display the prices, Bluffton Rentco uses ipushpull to display their Excel spreadsheets of rental pricing lists and embed them into their WordPress site. Any changes Bluffton Rentco make to their pricing on Excel, automatically updates their website.

Excel to WordPress for Rankings

A company that runs a Pietenpol building program in which they bring together builders with mentors. This unique company teaches members how to create EAA 690 aircraft with a wood and fabric airframe. Participants are then able to work on builds to earn credits that count towards their payment for flight training in the future. To keep track of the total credits earned and the total credits remaining for each builder, they use a spreadsheet. With ipushpull they are able to display that spreadsheet onto their website so all the builders are able to see how many more hours they need to work, to attain their flight training. What a great idea!


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