Excel spreadsheets to WordPress in One Click

The popularity of the ipushpull plug-in for WordPress has been going strong for nearly 2 years which is why ipushpull is ranked number 1 on Google for “Excel to WordPress” and “Excel to websites”. Use of the plugin is far and wide with a variety of companies from different industries all pushing data from Excel spreadsheets to WordPress and webpages. From financial market traders to sports clubs, what our customers have in common is the need to get data in their spreadsheets to the web, and one of the many features of ipushpull does exactly that.

Displaying live data from Excel spreadsheets in WordPress has simplified several aspects of our customers’ businesses, examples of which include:

As you can see, the ways in which the ipushpull plugin is used has been as diverse as the companies themselves. The platform is very flexible by design, which means data embedded in a WordPress website can be public or private, updating live every second or manually once a month. There is no development needed. For each page an embedded code is generated and can be used in WordPress or any other web building platform.

Since the plugin has proved so popular with a lot of our customers, we have decided to add some of the following new features: the new Shortcode Generator in WordPress, the ability to download published tables and embed from CVS files, give even more functionality and ease of use.


Better ways to embed live data from Excel spreadsheets in WordPress

The new ipushpull button to the WordPress menu means you can insert spreadsheet data to your web page by selecting it in drop-down menus, which generates a ‘shortcode’. The shortcode creates a link between the data and your web page. This quick solution allows you to embed your spreadsheets without the need to search for cumbersome workarounds, literally at the click of a button! How great is that?

Excel spreadsheets to WordPress

The other handy new feature is the ability to download live ipushpull data into Excel from your website. Maybe you need to run some data analysis, ipushpull lets you do so with live data from your website straight to Excel. As the data updates on the web page, so does your Excel spreadsheet.

Excel spreadsheets to WordPress

Want to share CSV files on your WordPress web page or website? We can do that too! Since CSV files can be uploaded to our platform, they can also easily be embedded in WordPress. A user can specify to automatically Pull data from the CSV file once a day at a set time or update it manually. If you would like to find out more about this or any feature, please contact or fill out our contact form.

Start using the ipushpull plugin to get Excel spreadsheets to WordPress by downloading it from the WordPress website. Create a free trial ipushpull account to start embedding live data in your website today.

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