Share data from Excel to Slack

The Slack platform is a great collaboration tool for teams, that has created a shared workspace with a messenger interface. This communication solution that aims to replace email, allows teams to add anything from tasks to GIFs in Slack channels. Users can upload files as they are chatting about them, which is useful, but files can’t be opened within the interface itself. Or so it used to be! With the introduction of the ipushpull plugin for Slack you can now view data straight in your channel. This makes collaboration even more holistic. Users can view data as they discuss it and there is no need to leave Slack or open extra windows. Add data from Excel to Slack without saving files and it updates immediately.

The ipushpull platform – the easiest way to share data from Excel to Slack

There are 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users in the world. Even with the introduction of competitive apps from Google and Apple, Excel is still the native application for most people. There are a few similar cloud-based applications, and even Microsoft released Office online and Office 365 to get a share of the cloud market. All of those are collaborative solution for teams working on the same projects and documents.
However, what Slack has recognised is that teams also need to communicate in order for those projects to be coordinated. This is why so many companies are using Slack. Even though Slack allows documents to be uploaded on the go as and when, there’s no way to view them in the app itself. For spreadsheets this can be a critical point. Teams may want to view data like forecasts, schedules, prices and inventory numbers straight away. Copy and pasting cells to Slack is not an option, while clicking away to another window is an inefficient way of working,
With the ipushpull app for Slack, live data can be shared with your Slack team in any channel. You can choose to post a select range of cells or a whole spreadsheet. The live data function updates data straight away in Slack, so your whole team instantly has access to the most current information.
Stay ahead of the competition with the ipushpull app for Slack, add it to your team today.

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