Innovation in Financial Services: Highlights from the Plato Technology Summit

As 2023 gets into full swing, ipushpull recently attended the Plato Technology Summit. The summit brings together a group of 30 leading buy-side and sell-side firms, with over 80 trading heads and market structure professionals in attendance. The summit brings together financial institutions and technology firms to discuss the hot topics impacting our industry.

The overriding theme governing every discussion was interoperability, specifically the need for more open standards, like FDC3, which helps make workflow and data sharing easier between different applications. This blog covers the top three challenges addressed at the event. 

1) Modernising data distribution

Data drives financial markets however data distribution has hardly changed for decades. Many businesses still rely on FTP or email to share large data sets. This often puts the onus on clients to conduct significant data manipulation in order for it to be useable by their teams. 


2) Embracing new technology whilst maintaining existing investments

Buy-side and sell-side firms are looking for quick solutions to implement and integrate into existing applications, requiring less/no technical development or data manipulation from their side. Typically, this comes with a desire to leverage existing investments in chat applications such as Symphony and Microsoft Teams, as more modern communication tools a majority of their staff are familiar with.


3) Democratising access to market data

Because of the challenges of antiquated distribution, data often remains in silos, with access limited to different user groups, creating a bottleneck in the business, delaying access to a client's users, and slowing decision-making. Firms are looking for ways to open up access to their data to resolve these challenges.


How ipushpull address these challenges

ipushpull is the only vendor in the market providing integration to all major applications, for example, chat (Symphony, Microsoft Teams and Slack), Excel and APIs. ipushpull takes care of the burden of the ongoing data management and maintenance of your integrations so you can focus on delivering your data to your clients seamlessly and into their application of choice. 

Quick to implement new data services. ipushpull’s no-code platform allows you to onboard your data service rapidly:

    1. Connecting your data – it’s easy to connect and provide structure to your data so it can be made available to any client application. Your data can come from Excel, Chat, Webapp or through Enterprise style options such as API, database loaders, FIX feeds and more.

    2. Creating your rules – use ipushpull data access controls to govern access to your data. Permission each piece of your data by a user, desk, group or institutional level and open up new markets by moving away from all-or-nothing pricing points.
    3. Connecting to client applications – Excel, chat, API or custom web app. ipushpull allows you to offer a consistent view of your data across whichever application your clients use to access it. Empower your clients to query and interact with your data via chatbot and Excel.

We recognise the need to remove any artificial barriers to tech adoption and provide valuable functionality such as SSO integration with your own platform, and zero-install deployments which remove the need for your clients to allocate resources to onboarding alongside tried and tested software already in use at the worlds largest financial institutions.

ipushpull is faster to implement than in-house development/self-build and represents a lower TCO due to being a no-code platform.

Interested to know more? Why not listen to our recent podcast with FOW and Symphony on the role of chatbots in reference data delivery? Have a specific query? Contact us and see how we can rapidly scope a proof of concept to demonstrate the value to you.

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