Accelerate Growth and Enhance Client Satisfaction with Streamlined Data Services

Time for a rethink?

Your latest client reviews or survey scores are in and they're not trending the way you would like yet the client sales team are working harder than ever. So how can you provide a better more efficient service?

Delivering your service solely over files, FIX or dedicated screens is no longer satisfactory for your clients. They are also demanding new data sets that can be slow to onboard and deliver over existing channels. It's challenging to implement new services and keep up with clients' continually evolving demands, so where to start?

Omnichannel Delivery

While dedicated client applications, FIX or file-based delivery continue to have a place, clients are increasingly demanding more flexible and efficient ways to consume data services. The ability to deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right place, is becoming a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for a competitive data service. That means if a client operates in a particular set of core workflow applications (maybe Excel or increasingly a chat platform like Microsoft Teams) they now want data delivered instantly, on-demand (or even live), directly into that application, rather than having to log in to a separate screen or open and search through a data file. This new delivery model means not only do existing clients get a better service but new clients can be onboarded much quicker too, without the necessity to deploy new applications on their desktops. A genuine paradigm shift!  


Data Onboarding

Consumers of data services are forever demanding broader and deeper coverage and a fast turnaround, yet adding new data sets to a service can take months. It probably needs valuable and scarce development resources to automate the import of the new data set and then map the data to existing delivery channels. This means often only the data with the most compelling business case stands a chance. A simpler more agile way to bring on new data sets is urgently needed with a more no-code approach that is more configurable so that a client service team can bring on new data sets quickly with less dependency on development resources.


Where can ipushpull help?

The ipushpull platform provides omnichannel delivery, complementing existing screens and file-based models, and no-code data onboarding, all out-of-the-box.

Integrating ipushpull is quick and easy. Simply connect your data in various formats, configure how you want to deliver it into a broad choice of chat platforms or other applications like Microsoft Excel, and then invite your clients. ipushpull does the rest.

With ipushpull's fast data onboarding and omnichannel delivery, you can quickly future-proof and scale your business, and watch your client satisfaction go through the roof!

Please get in touch now to find out how you could be running a PoC within days.  


You can learn more about the chatbot solutions ipushpull offers to data services companies by heading to our chatbot solutions page. Or listen to our latest podcast all about chatbots. If you would like to speak with someone to discuss your specific requirements, contact us


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