Sun, Sea and SMS

With summer holidays now upon us the mass exodus from the office, or maybe from the laptop for hybrid workers, is beginning. Whether folks are off to warmer climes for a couple of weeks, or simply want more flexibility to work from home without being tied to their desk during the holiday period, there is growing demand to be able to conduct business whilst on the move. The wide adoption of the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices means we no longer have to be completely disconnected when away if we don't choose to. In this blog, we'll explore how, with ipushpull, you can ensure you automatically deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right place providing the ultimate choice in remote working.


A single connection for omnichannel distribution

Of course, you first need to be pushing your data to your ipushpull platform, which is now even quicker and easier with multiple no-code options. Once your data is hooked up you have immediate access to many different channels. Here are three typical scenarios our customers are keen to support:

Viewing a live feed of data on a mobile device. Typically, this might be a trader or broker keeping an eye on OTC prices when away from the office. ipushpull provides easy-to-configure views to ensure the user only sees the data they need, live and optimally formatted for their device. 



Example single grid of live data


Receiving data-driven notifications into chat. We're used to receiving notifications from social media apps on our mobile devices, so why not from our business systems? Whether it's chat platforms, SMS or email, ipushpull can be configured to send data-driven alerts automatically into the applications that are already the focus of attention of the end user, and in the format they want to see. 

WA notifs

Example of WhatsApp notifications


Key data available on demand from chatbots. Despite being away from your desk, you may still need access to some critical data at short notice. ipushpull can connect to your chosen chat platforms such as Symphony, Microsoft Teams, Slack or WhatsApp to allow users instant access to the data they need from the chat platforms they're already using by simply typing in commands.


Teams mobile

Example data on demand in Microsoft Teams on a mobile screen


Regardless of how you want your data to be accessed remotely, you need to know your data is secure. ipushpull gives you unparalleled control and monitoring access to your data, based on user ID, user application, location, time or IP address while also applying end-to-end encryption.


Happy holidays

ipushpull’s approach to mobile access means you can stop checking emails and relax in the knowledge that, if anything really important happens, you'll be alerted in the application of your choice and you'll have access to all the key information you need at your fingertips.

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