Remote Access to your Desktop without a VPN

As business expands across borders, it is no longer necessary to be in the office to do your work. The ability to work from home or on the go allows for great flexibility and increases employee efficiency. However, to be able to work effectively, you need easy and secure access to your critical data and applications. The trending way to have mobile and remote access to your desktop is using a company VPN (virtual private network).

Problems with VPNs

Unfortunately, VPNs are not as optimised as they could be. This is because often they give you too much information. To gain access to a spreadsheet or document on your desktop you have to go through the whole VPN login process. A common complaint from VPN users is having to deal with failed connection attempts when trying to access the server. Once logged in, you need to manoeuvre through your desktop to find the one file you are looking for – not easy to do on a mobile’s small screen. The hassle of finding that file, along with the slow connection and lag time, makes it hard for you to actually get your work done.

Remote Access with iPushPull

ipushpull offers a simple and lightweight alternative for remote access to Mobile and Remote Access to Desktop with iPushPullcritical business information, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents. And it’s simple – you’ll be set up in no time with our plug-and-play system. We have optimised our platform for mobile to give you easy access to the latest data and information when you are on the go. End-to-end encryption ensures the utmost security when accessing your desktop data. And there’s no tedious login process for you to go through because when you log in to iPushPull, you have instant access to your Excel and PDF content.

Live Updates

The live iPushPull service gives you access to your very latest content so it’s always up-to-date, even when spreadsheets are being updated while you’re out of the office. So if you have spreadsheets which generate live financial data you can access it wherever you are. And if you’re waiting for your colleagues to update the latest sales figures then you’ll have them the moment they’re ready.

Even More Efficient

If you are working on a particular project and need remote access to one particular spreadsheet instantly, you can set up the sheet as your default. Under the page settings on the iPushPull application, you can set a particular document or spreadsheet as your default page. This means that when you open and login to the web or mobile app, your default page will be the first to pop up. Just another way in which iPushPull helps you be on top of the latest information!

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