How to Share Digital Content in Small Teams without SharePoint

One of the most popular solutions for digital content sharing is SharePoint. Everyone has heard of SharePoint and the beautiful company sites that can be created with it – if you are a developer or if you can pay a large hunk of cash for a SharePoint expert. Another strong feature is SharePoint’s ability to integrate with Office365. Or was it Excel Online? Or OneDrive? Or OneDrive for Business? Microsoft’s SharePoint is undoubtedly a sleek collaboration tool for large companies that can afford developers and SharePoint experts to create their perfect site and train employees to use it efficiently.

However, for small teams that need agility and function over weighty and time-consuming collaborative platforms, there is another solution. That solution is ipushpull.


Digital Content Sharing

Drawbacks to Relying on SharePoint for Digital Content Sharing

The need for SharePoint-specific developers and a large amount of resources makes it difficult to use SharePoint to prototype ideas with your team off the cuff. Particularly with small teams, an open communication platform with real-time data sharing can be critical to accomplishing key business functions. Current digital content-sharing services either limit employee productivity via out-of-date files or through a hierarchical structure. Small teams do not need unwanted complexity that inhibits their team’s flexibility and movements.

A Better Solution via ipushpull

For small teams needing to securely share spreadsheets and PDFs, there is iPushPull. A fully integrated Excel add-in with extensive back-end capabilities, iPushPull acts as a way to remotely access your desktop spreadsheets, or give access to other viewers internally or externally. Teams can share content securely between team members from project leaders, sales managers, and sales teams, remotely and securely. For small teams where agility plays an important role, they can focus on the information their team really cares about while delivering it via a simple platform. When working in a small team, accountability is crucial to ensure critical business functions are taken care of and no employee resources are wasted in duplicating efforts. iPushPull spreadsheet auditing and monitoring features provide full data history including a log of changes made to your live data sheets and restore them to their previous versions if need be.

When working with your small team, why reinvent the wheel? Share your most important information with your team. Anywhere. Anytime. Sign your team up for a free trial.

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