Real-time Profit and Loss, Risk and Alerts on your Mobile

As a trader or risk manager in the digital age, is there any reason for you to be tied to your desk? Could you be spending more time doing more productive things, improving systems, analysing markets or even freeing up time for the family? Read on and find out how to keep track of real-time profit and loss, risk, and get immediate alerts.


How iPushPull can help monitor real-time profit and loss….

Whether you need to get out for lunch for an hour, away for the day or on a business trip or vacation, with iPushPull you can be away from the office with more confidence. Letting you stay on top of your work with any mobile device.

It’s easy – using simple Excel add-ins or APIs you can securely share real-time profit and loss, risk and other live data via the iPushPull platform direct to mobile devices and desktop browsers.

You can now see your live risk screens on the go and set custom email alerts based on your own limits or calculations. You can even set up SMS alerts for when you have no internet access. Now you’ll never miss a market move.

iPushPull is your very own automated trading assistant keeping an eye on things when you can’t.


real-time profit and loss riskLess Hassle – More Control

Ever tried accessing your risk systems remotely via VPN, remote desktop or similar? By the time you’ve logged on to the VPN and tried to resize your desktop layout just to make it viewable on your mobile – you’ve probably given up unless you have lots of patience. Viewing data on the go can be so much easier.

With iPushPull you can control exactly what data you share and with whom. Our permission features let you define and control what you can view when you’re out of the office, not your colleagues, developers or system providers.

You can share data purely for your own consumption or you can share different data with colleagues or clients, but you don’t need to give them access to the whole data set as you would with many other methods of remote access.


Cross Platform and Less Risk

If you know your way around Excel you can easily use iPushPull to pull together live data from one or more platforms and aggregate or manipulate it as you wish. Then simply push it out to the users you’ve given permission to so they can access it using desktop Excel, on their mobiles or at

With end-to-end encryption, iPushPull offers next-generation cloud security – meaning simple, secure access to live risk data from mobile devices and desktop browsers wherever you are. And you can share just the data you really need in an easily-viewable, read-only format, so there’s absolutely no risk of fat fingers and unintended mouse clicks.

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