Faster Excel workflow with new ipushpull Add-in

Following the release of the new ipushpull web platform, the Excel add-in has now been updated with great new features for a simplified experience and a much faster Excel workflow. These features provide a streamlined version of the Excel add-in and automate manual tasks, saving you precious time. Download the new version here.

We’ve put together a few tips on using the new add-in:

Faster Excel workflow


View the support article for creating new ipushpull pages from desktop Excel for an easy step-by-step guide to using this upgraded feature. Learn to create a simple Live Push without functions or a simple Live Pull in just a few clicks.

Faster Excel workflow


Intuitive features for faster Excel workflow

One of the great new features is quick access to functions through right-clicking, where ipushpull options are now available. You can also navigate to an ipushpull page in the web platform just by double-clicking on that page through the My Pages/Push/Pull dialogue boxes.

Download the new Excel add-in to take advantage of these great new updates.

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