On-Premise and Remote Desktop to Cloud Sharing

Uploading and downloading files, cutting and pasting, is that how you share on-premise and cloud documents right now? Not as smooth as you’d like, is it? There is a much more streamlined process, without extra downloads or extra copies of files cluttering your drive. With ipushpull you can work with files straight from your desktop, with on-premise and remote desktop-to-cloud sharing.

Let’s take Salesforce and Cloudera for example, in fact, any cloud data storage is tied to uploads and downloads. In the time it takes you to do so, the information you download might already be outdated. If you’re sending your client's current prices or sales forecasts, you’ll probably need to go through the motions every time, slowing your production. Perhaps you’re using the company FTP server with multiple files on your hard drive, that need to be saved with a different handle on their name, every time. Except when you open the folder, you’re baffled about which file is the latest. The iPushPull platform eliminates all unnecessary manual tasks and automates the process. Instead of struggling with multiple copies, you can share your data straight from your desktop.

on premise and remote desktops to cloud sharing

Connecting on-premise and remote desktops to cloud sharing – an in-depth look at the service

It’s not secure to attach files to emails, so instead of risking your client data being accessed by outside parties, opt-in to secure end-to-end encryption. ipushpull’s powerful user access control system allows you to select exactly which part of the document you send to other users or clients. More specifically, you can select one or multiple cells to be accessed by particular users. Parts of a spreadsheet can even be invisible and there’s a handy read-only choice too. Extensive control from the comfort of your desktop has never been easier.

Remove technical barriers from your day, by sharing this system with clients as there is no integration required from the client side, desktop sharing is easily available from their existing in-house system. Plug and play with the secure add-in connecting from MS Excel and other client-side applications. Instead of spending days producing product proof and closing deals, you can now do so in minutes. Through better automation combined with the iPushPull live data page model, real-time results are within reach. So make your data work as hard as you do!

Automated live updates are one of the features most favoured by our users. Now you don’t even have to update your spreadsheets manually in the cloud. Just set up your spreadsheet with the live feature and your clients can receive updates in real-time (per sub-second).

Such a simple, easily integrated solution can bridge the gap between your local data and the cloud. All you need is to download the iPushPull Excel plug-in and you’re good to go. We’ll even throw in real-time text alerts and easy-to-use mobile access, so you can do your work on the go and keep on top of updates wherever you are. Contact our team today for a tailored solution or a free trial of our on-premise and remote desktop-to-cloud sharing platform.

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