Live data sharing in Excel, minus the headache and risk

Businesses highly reliant on sharing real-time data need the right data to be delivered to the right place at the right time, every time. If it isn't then that data can be at best redundant, and at worst a big risk to the business. So what options exist out there?

Not all live data-sharing solutions are equal

Traditionally, trading and broking firms have taken a tactical approach to their live data sharing requirements, connecting systems with in-house development projects, often combined with off-the-shelf technologies not really designed for reliable live data sharing across teams and locations.

Take Microsoft Excel as an example. Still a business-critical tool for end users but sharing consistent, live data across desks and out to clients remains both challenging and a potentially big risk. Hybrid solutions combining in-house built components, and often file-based services, are common but can't deliver essential performance and consistency.

ipushpull takes a different approach. A unique secure live data-sharing platform, it allows end-user applications like Excel to be "plugged in" to the central service and for data to be shared reliability in real-time. That means traders, brokers and clients can view and contribute to the latest prices directly from their preferred desktop application. ipushpull makes it fast, scalable, consistent and easy to manage.


Quick to market and reduced costs

A broking firm which had built an in-house solution for sharing data between Excel on its internal desks was having major slowdowns as the markets got busy. This introduced significant business risks as their internal pricing began to lag behind the market and was inconsistent across the desk.

By implementing ipushpull, they were able to eliminate slowdowns and inconsistency in sharing live data between Excel users on the broking desks as well as with their clients. The case to invest in ipushpull was compelling due to the reduced time-to-market (from many months to just a few days) added to the big ongoing cost savings achieved by forgoing in-house development.  


Share live data across all platforms

Reliable, scalable, consistent live data sharing across teams and with clients into existing applications and workflow tools is the very core ipushpull offering. It's not just about Excel but more and more about sharing live data via API's or custom views delivered into other platforms or portals, and increasingly into chat platforms as configurable notifications or on-demand requests.


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