Data is coming home!

One of the ipushpull team (Darren!) woke up inspired this morning and decided to write this blog! It's a little cheesy we know, but everyone loves a good sporting analogy right?!

With the excitement of last night’s football behind us (if you are an England fan) there is relief until Sunday as we return to our day jobs. Over the coming months, a great deal of effort will be spent looking at how lessons from the national football team can be applied to different industries. In this blog we take a quick look at capital markets.

One of the keys to success is quality of service…if that pass from Sterling releasing Shaw to cross isn’t timely or accurate the recipient is in trouble. It’s the same for data distribution – your data must be timely, accurate and actionable.

There are of course different ways to receive the data: keeping the analogy above, Shaw is a bit like the trader watching the screen in anticipation of a price change. But what about the manager who needs to be alerted by the data boffins to say one of his players is getting leggy and needs to be substituted? It’s key to have the ability to be notified of how your universe of data is changing and then be able to action it.

Then there is the need to explore broader data sets – in football you may want to know which team you are likely to meet dependent on other group results, but in a game it needs to be timely…which way does that penalty taker usually go for example? In capital markets it’s more likely to be around reference data or a historical data query. You need to be able to ask that question and get the answer quickly.

Underlying all the success though is collaboration and workflow…by providing the right tools and environment you need your superstars to do their jobs: for footballers it may be St George’s Park, practicing free kicks and the comfort of Wembley. For capital markets it may be Bloomberg, Symphony or email.

ipushpull can help you with your live streaming, data distribution, notifications and workflow collaboration needs – we even help clients in sports using us for real-time league tables and performance analysis! Why not contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Good luck to the England Football Team in Sunday's final!

Football’s coming home...

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