Across finance and other data-driven sectors,
we’ll help you deliver big efficiency gains for your business
and cutting-edge solutions for clients

Rapid time-to-market. Slick integration. Enhanced client experience.

Custom app and workflow examples include:

Global inter-dealer broker white-labels ipushpull platform for data distribution to
its global investment banking clients

UK’s leading specialist asset manager uses pre-trade negotiation Custom App across all trading desks to streamline and automate

Number one provider of European reference data uses Custom App as a new digital distribution and monetisation channel

A powerful set of integrated services

A powerful set of integrated services

Combine ipushpull's core services into customised solutions to deliver big improvements to your service and efficiencies to your organisation.

Live data sharing, on-demand data and configurable notifications combine seamlessly to improve existing high-touch data-driven workflows. Or simply automate data distribution to get the right information to the right person in real-time or on demand. Easy integration through add-ins and plugins saves time and cost, while data mapping utilities standardise and unify data formats.

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Low code custom apps and services

Analyse & Iterate

Analyse & Iterate

Working closely with you to understand your workflow

One of the responses we hear regularly is “we love your platform, but we need to improve our processes before we can begin to automate”. We like this. Our no/low code approach means we can prototype and iterate fast together with you - modelling and improving processes and workflows as we go, delivering big improvements and a high-quality user experience.

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No code custom apps

Integrate & automate

Integrate & automate

Connecting your service into existing client apps

Once a solution is well defined and your apps and workflows configured, we will rapidly plug the solution into your existing environment with our connectors, add-ins and plugins. Easily validating and mapping data pushed to the platform and sharing data in a unified format across the workflow.

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Low code custom apps and automation

Onboard & scale

Onboard & scale

With your solution built and integrated, onboarding is fast and easy. Delivery into existing applications like Excel or chat means there is usually little or no onboarding to do for end users or customers, so scaling up can be fast and smooth. Our SaaS-based model means that our service will scale seamlessly with you, and your costs will only need to increase when your usage does.

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Low code custom apps and easy onboarding

Pushpull Professional Services

Pushpull Professional Services

We can build mission-critical Apps for you

Our business and technology consultants can help accelerate your custom app build and your digital transformation journey with in-depth analysis, requirement building, workflow and app recommendations, implementations and even rollouts. Pushpull Professional Services brings deep domain expertise in both capital markets and technology for a fast and effective delivery of custom apps and workflows.

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ipushpull low code custom apps

Tried and tested across sectors

Financial Markets – Sales & Trading

Financial Markets – Sales & Trading

ipushpull has delivered off-the-shelf and custom solutions across the entire trade life-cycle to capital market customers including:

    • Investment banks
    • Asset managers
    • Inter-dealer brokers
    • Hedge funds
    • Proprietary trading firms
    • Exchanges

Solutions Include:

  • Prices and volatility curves delivered live into client's desktop Excel and as an API
  • Reference Data service delivered on-demand into Excel and Symphony apps and bots
  • Sharing of read-only trade Axes with counterparts live and on-demand into Excel and chat
Other Industries

Other Industries

Just some of the other sectors where companies are embracing the ipushpull platform:

    • Health
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
    • Online betting
    • Charity
    • Education

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