August 07, 2015

Display live data from Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog

By David Jones

ipushpull now lets you embed live, updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog! Whether you’ve a price list that you want to publish every morning, or finance data that changes every few seconds, we’ve made it incredibly easy to send this data directly from your desktop Excel spreadsheet to your site. You don’t need to save the Excel spreadsheet and upload it every time you make a change, and your website visitors don’t need to refresh the page to see updates. With ipushpull it’s automatic, in just a few easy steps.

Live Demo

The blog you’re reading is powered by WordPress, so it’s the ideal place for a demo. Here’s a simulated stock portfolio, updating every few seconds:

This portfolio is being updated by a desktop Excel spreadsheet running at ipushpull HQ down in the Silicon Basement. The data you’re looking at is updated every time the source sheet changes. The formatting and styles are being captured from the original Excel source, and this page also includes some links to other iPushPull pages, letting you drill down from the summary to the details. So you can build a hierarchy of live data pages as complex or simple as you like, using the tools that you already use, and publish them live in your website. There’s no development required. This is what we like to do at ipushpull – take the tools you love, like Excel and WordPress, and link them together to make difficult jobs simple.

Other Features

Make your data Public or keep it Private

The demonstration page displayed above is a public page, so anyone who visits your site will be able to see it. But you can also use ipushpull’s access control features to restrict access to your data, meaning that your site’s visitors will only be able to access the data by entering a password. Keep a price list private for priority customers, or publish individual pages for all your clients and embed them in your site with no development required on your side.

Display data from any application, not just Excel

If your data’s in Microsoft Excel, the ipushpull WordPress plugin now lets you get it onto your website. We’re also working on new integrations (watch this space for our Google Sheets add-in). But remember that ipushpull is an open platform and you can use our APIs to integrate it with any system or online service.

Not just WordPress

If you don’t use WordPress for your website you can still embed ipushpull pages in it. See this page in our Support Centre for details.

How to do it

The ipushpull WordPress plugin lets you embed pages in your site with a single line of code. For more details visit the ipushpull WordPress plugin page in the WordPress plugin directory. It includes full instructions about installing and using the plugin, but if you need further help please visit the ipushpull Support Centre or email

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