March 10, 2016

Excel Add-In for ipushpull: Download our new version now

By David Jones

We’ve been working hard here at ipushpull to develop a host of exciting new features to help you get the most out of our Microsoft Excel Add-In. It’s available to download now for registered users. If you haven’t already registered, why not do it now (it’s free!)?

What’s new with the latest version of Excel Add-In

  • Our new ribbon makes finding your pages and sharing Excel content a breeze. Search and  preview  pages before pushing or pulling



  • Insert live pushes and pulls as new worksheets in your existing workbooks and automatically overlay web formatting over a live pull


  • New ‘URL’ option for our =iPullDisplayInfo(...) worksheet function allows you to create clickable links from your spreadsheets to ipushpull pages


  • New =iPullTime(...) worksheet function allows you to control exactly when your live pushes occur and reliably push cells containing volatile functions

Share Excel Charts Online

  • Charts! You can now share Excel charts online by pushing them to an ipushpull page just as you would any other Excel range, and even include them in a wordpress site just like this one:
  • We’ve added support for Excel 2016 and high-resolution displays
  • Vertical alignment added to cell formatting


There’s a lot more to discover too, so why not download it now and check out our support site for more information, tutorials, and videos. Want to know more about our popular WordPress plug-in?  You can find out all about it here: Embed live Excel spreadsheets in web pages using our Free WordPress Plugin


About iPushPull

ipushpull‘s services enable its customers to securely share live data between desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, and distribute documents and research on a fully access-controlled and audited platform.  With ipushpull’s Research Delivery Platform you can take control of your research distribution. To date, it has won two UK Government grants for its innovative research and development work.

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