ipushpull Website Update – Referrals and Folder Access Control

folder_admin_buttonWe’ve made it easier for you to invite new or existing ipushpull users to share your folders. To invite someone new, click on the gearwheel to the left of the Folder name – this displays the folder admin view. Now click on the Access tab.

The Access view lets you control who has access to your folder. You can:

  • invite new users to your folder
  • grant or revoke folder admin rights
  • temporarily suspend user access to your folder
  • permanently remove a user’s access to your folder

You can also see the status of your invitations and view a history of folder events.


To invite one or more users to your folder, enter their email addresses (separated by commas) into the Invite field at the top of the page. You can add a custom message if you like. When you click the Invite button we will email an invitation to them. If they accept it they will be granted access to the folder and any pages you have given them access to. They can also reject the invitation if they want to. You’ll be able to check their progress in the Access History log on the right of the page.

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