FOW launch new Symphony reference data chatbot

Symphony Innovate always creates a buzz of excitement and this year's event in New York was no different. We were pleased to share the stage with FOW, as they launched their new reference data chatbot on Symphony. Let's take a look at what it is and why they launched it in the first place.

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Symphony Innovate, New York


The challenge with data access

In a recent survey of operations departments across the banking sector, 45% of their day was spent getting data out of systems to share with clients and colleagues. Often data is siloed and fragmented, and its inefficient reconciliation between an institution's book of business- and those of different institutions.

Communication between distinct but very much interlinked business groups such as front, middle and back office is heavily reliant on email, spreadsheets, legacy systems and time-intensive processes. This involves a considerable risk of human error, reputational damage and capital losses.   

Developed in collaboration with Symphony and using ipushpull technology, FOW's chatbot resolves this challenge. The chatbot allows Symphony users to quickly and easily retrieve the exact reference data needed in real-time and add it to any Symphony chatroom. This removes the need to collate data across disparate systems, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors. Below is a demo of FOW's chatbot at Symphony Innovate, New York.



The ipushpull secret 'source' code

By connecting to chatbots, ipushpull helps customers offer on-demand and real-time access to data. Bots immediately democratise access, speeding up response times and growing monetisation of your data. 

ipushpull makes queries to large data sets easy while creating bots by configuration, rather than coding. So, the bot can retrieve any reference data set, on commands that can be tailored for each use case, user, department or client. The added benefit is that one can generate a detailed analysis of your customer's interaction with your service.

Furthermore, the beauty of chatbots means they are easy to deploy across your organisation and with clients, without needing to install anything - this really is a game changer for the accessibility of data.


Key benefits  

    • A fast way to scale your business, through configuration and no coding required
    • A single connection to ipushpull means delivery of your data to multiple channels, as well as insight into end-user interaction
    • Immediate gains – a simple solution that can be promptly deployed and adopted by Symphony users   
    • Embedded into users’ workflow - enabling them to respond directly to clients with the relevant data without leaving Symphony  
    • Low implementation and running costs – no need for investment in software installation, on-boarding and training 

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