Flexibility is Key: Why ipushpull's Fast-to-Market Solution is the Future of Data Distribution

Are you a product or business manager working in the reference data business? Are you struggling to scale your service due to inflexible technology, rigid data formats, and low customer adoption? If so, you're not alone. Many reference data services are struggling with the same challenges. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you stay ahead of the competition and meet the needs of your customers: ipushpull.

ipushpull is a fast-to-market solution that enables you to prototype and deliver data delivery solutions fast, adapt quickly to changing customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we'll explore why flexibility is key in data distribution and how ipushpull's solution can help you meet the growing demands of your customers.


The Importance of Flexibility in Data Delivery

In the world of reference data services, customers have growing needs and preferences. They want the right data delivered to the right place at the right time. As a service, in order to be successful, you increasingly need to be able to offer your customers that choice of different channels and formats to meet those needs and preferences. That means in addition to offering files and dedicated 'screens', you now also need to be able to offer other integrated and real-time channels like Excel, chatbots and APIs. In fact, such a flexible approach is fast becoming de facto. 


ipushpull's Fast-to-Market, Lower Cost Approach

ipushpull is fast-to-market and low-cost. Our no-code approach allows you to connect your data quickly, and immediately open up a host of new features and delivery channels. You can build new subscription packages and customer-focussed data formatting, and hook up a host of new delivery channels without any development required. You can literally prototype in days and deliver in weeks. The cost savings and time-to-market benefits are compelling versus any internal build alternative.


Multiple Delivery Channels, Fast Customer Adoption

With an easy-to-set-up connection, ipushpull enables you to offer your data service across multiple new channels, complementing your service by delivering live and on-demand data directly into your customer's existing applications like chatbots, Excel, and APIs. This approach gives your customers the flexibility they demand but also, ipushpull's 'zero client install' model means they can be up and running within minutes, enabling you to transform your business and your charging model. Whether they prefer to receive data on-demand via chatbots or live in Excel, with ipushpull you can deliver the data to your customers in the way they want and adopt new customers fast.


Transform your Customer Use Cases and UX

You've been delivering your service as files and maybe dedicated screens but your customers want more flexibility:

Chat is now a must-have. Since COVID and WFH the use of chat has been growing exponentially. More and more your customers' focus is shifting away from dedicated applications for each service towards a demand for data delivered directly into the chat. Chatbots provide the latest data at their fingertips, at the time and in the place they need.

Excel is ubiquitous. While they communicate and collaborate increasingly over chat, your customers probably still process data in Excel. But often this requires them to do a lot of copying and pasting, running macros or opening data files from email or from a hard drive. They want live, up-to-date information on demand or, in some cases, streaming delivered directly into their spreadsheet. 

API means automation.  More and more of your customers are familiar with basic concepts of programming and are looking to replace inefficient manual processes with automation where possible. That means that while a simple, secure API is now a key requirement, even better is an API that inherits all the benefits of access control and custom features, unified across a host of other delivery channels.

Notifications drive efficiency. Your data set is a trove of valuable information but it's also big and your customers don't want to have to continually manually search through it to find time-critical information. They want to be able to configure watchlists to automatically alert based on schedules or market events, with custom messages delivered into chat or email, or even Whatsapp or SMS.       

The ipushpull platform delivers all this with no additional development, transforming your customer UX and driving many new use cases.   


In conclusion, with its fast-to-market approach and flexible delivery options, ipushpull can help you meet the changing needs of your customers and sign up new customers fast, staying ahead of the competition. To learn more about ipushpull and its solutions for data service delivery visit our data services

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