Share your live data as a service
into Symphony

The live data fabric for Symphony

Share live data and build your own workflows, or let us do it for you.

  • Accelerate your roadmap with no-code workflow tools and apps
  • Ideas to production in a matter of weeks
  • No development required
  • Enable automation with standardised data
  • Connect Symphony to 20+ integrations using ipushpull
Share live data in Symphony

Your cloud service or
local platform

Your team or

ipushpull offers a real-time data sharing platform in Symphony

Turn unstructured data from a spreadsheet into a live data application and chatbot. The platform can be used across front, middle and back office.


Example ipushpull Symphony use cases

From no-code live data sharing to low-code complex workflows

Front Office  

Share live data internally, or to your clients, such as streaming prices and axes to trigger data-driven workflows with your counterparts.

Live data can be shared from APIs, pricing engines, Excel, databases, blotters and internal systems direct into a Symphony app or to a chatbot.

Ideal for:

  • Dealers distributing pricing and axes to buyside bypassing expensive financial data and middleware vendors
  • Streamlining pre-trade negotiation workflow between buyside and sellside
  • Brokers managing 'call-around' markets to scale up to more clients
  • Use the ipushpull bot framework to convert chat messages into FIX
  • Eliminating spreadsheets, copy paste and email workflow between syndication, sales and trading desks
Share Axes, Runs, RFQs, IOIs, Blocks live data in Symphony

Middle & Back Office 

Eliminate emails and files by sharing information live into Symphony where you and your counterparts or colleagues can view and collaborate in real-time.

Ideal for:

  • Actionable post trade notifications
  • Exceptions management
  • Real-time risk aggregation and notifications

Technology Teams

ipushpull is a unified communications and data layer that can standardise data, protocols, and syntax whilst allowing interoperability into digitised workflow channels.

Technology teams can use the ipushpull platform, workflow builder, workspaces and BOT framework to:

  • Be fast-to-market
  • Improve client experience
  • Reduce high upfront software build costs

ipushpull core modules and services

Live & Streaming Data

Live & Streaming Data

Deliver real-time data and workflows into Symphony clients or colleagues

Data-driven Notifications

Data-driven Notifications

Automatically send data alerts and notifications to your Symphony rooms based on your live data and configurable rules

Data on demand

Data on demand

Let your team or clients pull the latest data into Symphony with our powerful, configurable chat bots

Custom Apps & Workflows

Custom Apps & Workflows

We’ll build your customised, white-labelled solution and workflows with you, integrating seamlessly into your existing platforms

Deliver Symphony apps and chat bots in days

Fast time to market

Fast time to market

No code approach means we can help you build and deploy integrated custom solutions fast using our off-the-shelf add-ins, connectors, custom workflow builders and configurable chat bots

Big cost savings

Big cost savings

ipushpull’s modular approach and managed service options mean big savings on building your solutions and ongoing TCO

Cloud or on-premise

Cloud or on-premises

Standardised messaging and enterprise permissioning deliver a high level of oversight, risk control and audit by eliminating unnecesary free-form chat, emails and files and locking down access to information

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