ipushpull Update – Simple Page Access Management

We had to smile when Dropbox recently announced that they’d finally added User Groups support to their business package, as iPushPull has featured User Group access control from Day One. It makes it easy to manage the access each team within a business has to different pages – when a new team member joins, just add them to the team group, and when someone leaves, remove them. It’s a feature that’s very popular with our enterprise customers as it enables them to model their iPushPull page permissions directly on their organisational structure.

However, we thought that it might be a bit heavyweight for our smaller customers, so we spoke to some of them and came up with the new feature that we’ve released today: Basic Page Access Mode.


Basic Page Access mode simplifies the management of user access for businesses with a smaller number of users and pages. Page access permissions are displayed in a matrix showing which user has access to which page, and what level of access they have (Read/Write, Read Only or no access at all). Each square on the grid can be toggled between the three states by clicking it (or tapping it on mobile). The Transpose button lets you switch the horizontal and vertical axes if it better suits your particular set-up.

Basic Access mode is now the default for customers on the Free Trial and Business plans. Enterprise users will be able to switch between Basic and Enterprise modes using the Page Access Mode dropdown on the Folder settings tab:



Note that your Enterprise mode settings are retained when you switch to Basic mode, and vice versa, so you can return to them by switching back. If you have any questions please contact our support team at

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