Distribute real-time prices to clients, improving price visibility

Clients' needs have always come first, however, these have changed significantly in recent years. Many are demanding a more proactive and digital service that's available whenever they need it, in the applications they use. Historically, providing such a service would have been cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to implement. However, ipushpull has stepped up to meet this client demand so you can provide your prices, quote and data to your clients at the right time and to the right place.

Provide a better service to all clients, not just the largest

Sharing market prices with a broad list of clients have typically been a cumbersome and very manual process, leading many brokers to focus on their larger clients and not being able to offer the same level of service to smaller clients. The issue typically is having to deal with distributing prices in a myriad of different formats and across email, SMS and voice. It quickly becomes a law of diminishing returns and so smaller clients miss out - it's a lose, lose situation.   


Share tailored quote views and automated alerts to clients

ipushpull enables you to build live quote views to enhance pre-trade price discovery to form your own market overview for sharing internally, or with clients, to source liquidity.  It helps streamline the management of analysis, communication and quotes, enabling brokers to identify trading opportunities with a more informed approach. Brokers can cancel, modify or view each other's prices enabling internal price discovery and formation.




Pricing data can update in real-time and be served via browser, mobile or your chosen applications such as Excel, or chat. So, for a distributed broking team, you can discover prices and place orders wherever you are on any device and easily share positions across the team. This allows you to load balance the work in those busy periods while improving internal communication and further developing client relationships.


Faster time to market

ipushpull's deep domain expertise, having delivered broking solutions for many businesses large and small, ensures we are able to take your requirements and rapidly configure your own live quotes view(s) that exactly meet your needs. Interested to find out more? Why not book a meeting, to discuss your requirements further.

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