Data Connectivity Essential For Remote Work

Extracted from the article “Data Connectivity essential for remote work” by Shanny Basar.

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull, said there had been an increase in interest in the company’s ability to provide live data sharing as more staff are working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cheung told Markets Media: “The cloud has a couple of silver linings. As more people are working remotely, firms want the ability to share data in real-time while maintaining their institutional controls over access.”

London-based ipushpull allows users to securely share data in real-time across desktop applications, databases, messaging platforms and cloud services.

Cloud technology

The Data-as-a-Service platform was launched three years ago and allows data to be easily shared using cloud technology.

“Cloud deployment was a big challenge in capital markets,” Cheung added. “An enormous tanker started slowly turning three years ago at a slow pace and has picked up speed in the last 12 months.”

He predicted there will be an acceleration in the deployment of the cloud in the next nine to 12 months, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused staff to work from remote locations while still needing access to real-time data.

In capital markets, ipushpull has initially focussed on non-exchange traded assets that require manual processes. For example, when dealers make prices for options in Excel spreadsheets and then have to copy and paste the information into emails for distribution. ipushpull has been used by an interdealer-broker to automate this process by uploading the excel data into the cloud so it can be shared live it in various formats such via chat or an API.

“We make the data interoperable enabling live collaboration,” added Cheung.


Financial institutions such as NatWest Markets and data vendors such as ETD use ipushpull to deliver data directly to their clients.

To learn more about Data-as-a-Service and how institutions are utilising the ipushpull platform read the full Markets Media article by Shanny Basar.

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