Accelerate user onboarding for your data services with ipushpull

In the era of elegantly designed and intuitive consumer technology, we have become accustomed to adopting new tech without needing to read a manual, however, the delivery of data-driven services for business, and specifically for financial markets, often lags far behind, leading to low adoption rates and a poor end-user experience.

In this blog, we explore how ipushpull can help address these challenges for our customers and their clients.


The end-user expectation gap

ipushpull works with a range of customers across financial markets including reference data services, brokers, investment banks and asset managers, transforming their delivery and workflows. Whether these customers are delivering data across internal teams, to clients, or sharing with counterparties, the recurring theme we see is the gap between how data is being delivered today versus the end users’ expectations regarding how they would ideally like to query and consume it.

The challenge lies in upgrading from the traditional methods of service and data delivery which have been around for decades. Think of dedicated screens or file transfers via email attachments or FTP.  These legacy methods introduce significant end-user overhead, with manual manipulation of data sets, which are time-consuming and error-prone. 

While such processes are highly embedded and consequently hard to update and replace, end-users are now demanding a more efficient approach driven by their experience of new collaboration tools such as chat platforms, delivering key data directly into the workflow where data is needed, e.g. communicating a trade fill to a client directly into a chat session. 

So how can this growing end-user demand for more efficient delivery be met without a costly total overhaul of your existing tech and approach? 


Getting started with ipushpull is easy

We understand it's challenging to embrace new approaches whilst keeping the business running. That's why, with ipushpull, you can easily test out new, more efficient, delivery alongside your existing channels.

The big benefit to your tech team (and budget) is that because ipushpull is provided as a managed service, we can lighten the burden by offering key features of the platform on demand.

Our zero client install mode means an agile efficient approach can be taken to offering new delivery channels to existing and new end-users, while new data sets and services can easily be onboarded in a timeframe that suits you.

Of course, ipushpull also manages the burden of updates to key client-side integrations (Excel, chat platforms and APIs) so your team can focus on higher-value client service.

So embracing ipushpull is a win for your users as they get to consume data in their preferred apps and it's a win for your delivery teams as they lower the burden of managing and maintaining integrations and new data updates as this becomes a managed service run by us.


Gain meaningful insight - data usage analysis

For any data-driven service end-user or client information is vital for understanding requirements and to optimise the existing service and feedback on future improvements 

In addition to the agility of delivering data the way your end-users want to consume it, your ipushpull platform will provide reports and analytics on what data sets are most in demand, frequency of use and who is accessing your data.

With such information a broker, for example, can automatically add additional value to their day-to-day client conversations by using ipushpull to set data-driven alerts, while a reference data service can use the same information over time at a more strategic level to develop more agile charging models. 

ipushpull's delivery model provides access to previously unavailable insightful data out-of-the-box benefiting you and ultimately your end-users, helping you to improve your service and grow your business. 


Access monitoring and control

A major challenge with existing file-based data-sharing is controlling who exactly is accessing your valuable data.

With ipushpull, you can tightly control access by configuring granular data permissions across all delivery channels. ipushpull's access controls integrate with SSO, so no additional user management for your service desk or systems admin team. It can even generate access reports for compliance if required giving a higher degree of oversight than currently available.


Omnichannel data delivery - the key to faster client onboarding

In summary, ipushpull helps you onboard users faster by enabling support for more channels (Excel, chatbots and APIs) without compromising on the need to secure and report on individual access to the data.

The usage insight gives you the opportunity to spot potential new commercial models as well as a framework for easily rolling out new data sets to support your growth aspirations.

Provided as a managed service, over time we aim to reduce the burden on your operations teams as more and more services move to be managed through ipushpull.


Are you interested to know more? Why not check out our omnichannel data delivery page where you'll find more information on the solutions on offer.

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