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SIX operates and develops infrastructure services for the Swiss and Spanish Stock Exchanges, for Post-Trade Services, Banking Services and Financial Information with the aim of raising efficiency, quality and innovative capacity across the entire value chain of the Swiss and Spanish financial centres. 

Pioneering a Digital Shift in Corporate Actions 

SIX, a leading corporate actions data provider, has embraced the use of chatbots for internal operations and customer support queries, paving the way for incorporating this technology into their products and services. Recognising the challenges in data management and distribution within the rapidly evolving financial services industry, SIX saw an opportunity to elevate its corporate actions offering with a more innovative approach.

SIX has chosen ipushpull to help support its innovative SIX Bot tool. Their expertise in data integration and real-time communication solutions has been pivotal in bringing this tool to life, offering operational efficiency in handling corporate actions.

Annelotte De Nanassy
Senior Product Manager, SIX

The Challenge: Streamlining Data Flow in a Fast-Paced Environment

SIX, spearheaded by Roy Kirby, Head of Core Products, recognised the need to modernise its data sharing and management processes in response to the industry's increasing demand for greater automation of corporate action processes. "We were grappling with the traditional methods that were both time-consuming and prone to errors," Kirby explains. This insight led SIX to seek a solution that could not only enhance efficiency but also improve accuracy and security in data handling.

Our goal is to provide our customers and potential customers with access to high-quality data, whether it be corporate actions data, price data, or reference data, through various channels. This will enable them to enhance their processes and make well-informed decisions efficiently and effectively.

Roy Kirby
Head of Core Products, SIX

Innovative Solution: Partnering with ipushpull

Recently launched as SIX Bot, this innovative chatbot service delivers up-to-date information on over 70 types of corporate action events to more than 600,000 financial market professionals using Symphony, the leading market infrastructure and technology platform. Leveraging ipushpull for chat and data integration, SIX Bot empowers professionals to ask insightful questions related to corporate actions events with ease.

The SIX Bot helps to speed up operational tasks by integrating into existing team workflows. Through simple requests with a corresponding ISIN code, the SIX Bot will return corporate actions data, including the relevant event type, key dates and history, removing the dependency on human intervention on every request. By alleviating pressure on increasingly stretched front and back-office personnel, the tool will free up time for teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

We're communicating with customers about quite complex topics, a chatbot can solve some quite intricate workflow issues that they might have.

Roy Kirby
Head of Core Products, SIX

Impact and Results: A Story of Enhanced Productivity and Client Satisfaction

The partnership with ipushpull marked a shift in SIX's product strategy. "ipushpull's platform was a new venture for us," Kirby remarks. "It allowed us to augment our existing in-house built product line with a truly innovative delivery mechanism supplied by ipushpull. This move allowed us a quick time to market and produced an end result that enables our customers to use SIX data within real-time data sharing and collaboration workflows, a critical demand in today's financial markets.”

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