ipushpull solutions for Asset Managers

Pre-trade Negotiation Workflows

Share information and trades from your internal OMS or from Excel, with your counterparties automatically over your chat platform. Consolidate and automate multi-channel negotiations with ipushpull's custom PPQ app.


  • Automate complex package and basket trade workflows between counterparties in a live chat environment 
  • Streamline and manage your voice and chat workflow across multiple channels and apps
  • Receive actionable live trade axes from sell side direct into Excel or into your chat and upload to your OMS

An Off-the-shelf Client Information Service 

We can help you to integrate the ipushpull platform to your existing systems as a multi-channel client information service, providing valuable market information and KPIs in real time or on-demand into desktop or mobile apps.    


  • White-labelled desktop and mobile applications with client-specific information including charts and live data 
  • Data-driven market or fund updates and configurable alerts sent in real time to clients
  • Configurable adapters and add-ins to connect to in-house databases and desktop apps

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