ipushpull Goes for Gold: Trader uses WordPress Plugin for Live Data Sharing

Headquartered in the UK, ipushpull does not limit live data sharing services to its borders. By developing an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, we have opened up the doors to live data sharing from a spreadsheet, which has a plethora of uses.

ABC-Goud is a Dutch gold and silver trader which prides itself on giving you the best fair value. Owner Juraj has been in the industry for almost 30 years now. Initially working from home repairing jewellery, many clients approached him about buying and selling precious metals. His business continued to expand and he decided to set up shop in the dutch town of Breda.  In addition, he hired a web developer to create a company website.ABC-Goud Using iPushPull for live data sharing

Need for Live Data Sharing Platform

Operating in the precious metals industry is very volatile, said Juraj in an interview.

The values are always changing and it is integral to have the most up-to-date numbers when buying and selling. This is so that the clients can get a fair market value price for their gold and silver.

Before finding ipushpull, Juraj would have people constantly calling him up asking for the latest values of gold and silver. A very tedious and time-consuming method of sharing information with his clients. Consequently, he began searching for alternative methods of sharing live data. He already had an Excel spreadsheet that would pull in values from Kitco (a trading site for precious metals). Excel would then run through the calculations for metals and weights. The problem was that he did not have a way to share the Excel numbers on his website.

The battle went on and off for 3 years before my web developer finally found iPushPull in the WordPress plugin store! 

ipushpull Saves Time for Precious Metals Trader

Juraj is now able to successfully share the Excel spreadsheet from his computer onto the website without having to manually feed in the numbers. As a result, he is able to save hours of time in his day-to-day operations. He can now direct his clients to the website to see the latest values for metals instead of them constantly calling him up to find out. Additionally, his clients are now able to follow along on the website to see when would be the best time for them to buy and sell. It has helped increase his customer satisfaction tremendously.

He is just one of the many individuals that has taken his WordPress website to the next level by using the ipushpull platform. Check out our website to see how ipushpull can help you share live data.

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