Reflections from Symphony Innovate & IPP lifts the hood on FIX to Chat

David Jones, our visionary CTO, and I have just returned from an inspiring couple of days in New York where we joined over 200 fellow financial markets professionals at Symphony Innovate. This event is well known for bringing together pioneers in financial technology, and this year ipushpull was delighted to demonstrate our latest innovations alongside, TP ICAP, an ipushpull customer.


The Importance of Partnership

For us, the highlight of the event was the live demonstration we presented on-stage with Colin Duggin, Product Lead at TP ICAP Equities. We introduced attendees to a comprehensive pre and post-trade workflow utilising ipushpull's data mapping and transformation converting FIX to chat and JSON to chat. Our presentation highlighted how collaboration with fintechs can significantly improve efficiencies, improve client experience and help to automate time-consuming manual processes.


Live Demonstration: Insights into Future Technologies

Co-founder and CTO, David Jones, provided a live demonstration showing how the seamless integration between TP ICAP's Fusion platform, ipushpull and Symphony has optimised the trading workflow. For those who couldn't attend or wish to revisit the demonstration, click on the image below to watch the session on-demand. As you can see, this demo underlined our commitment to reducing manual tasks and enhancing the accuracy and speed of pre- and post-trade communications, with one US tier 1 bank improving STP rates from 0 to 80% of all trades in equity derivatives.


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Why This Is Relevant

The positive responses we received from other attendees confirmed that the issues we're tackling are a common concern across the industry. By minimising repetitive tasks in workflows, we help businesses reduce operational risk and concentrate on higher-value activities. This change is vital as the sector evolves towards more scalable and sustainable practices.


Our Continuous Commitment

The technologies we showcased, particularly in chatbot and AI integration, are in production and already bringing benefits to multiple market participants. And because our platform allows users to build workflows by configuration alone, it's straightforward to implement enhancements efficiently and effectively as we go forward.


Looking Forward

ipushpull's flexible workflow platform is already bringing benefits to our clients. And with our ongoing developments in AI and automation, we feel that the potential for innovation is limitless. We are committed to exploring these possibilities and pushing the limits of what our technology can achieve in the financial sector.


Stay Connected

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Thank you to everyone who participated at Symphony Innovate, and to those who supported us from afar. Your enthusiasm and engagement motivate us to continue innovating! Together, we can transform the financial industry for the better.

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