ipushpull joins BT Radianz Cloud, simplifying cloud connectivity & adoption

Fintech brings real-time data sharing and collaboration to the world’s largest secure networked financial services community. ipushpull is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with BT Radianz creating opportunities within the Radianz community to further accelerate the company’s growth.

Through a single, resilient and secure network the award-winning BT Radianz Cloud links a financial community of thousands of banks, funds, brokers,  exchanges, clearers and settlement houses to over 400 market-critical providers and vendors. By partnering with BT Radianz ipushpull significantly simplifies cloud deployment and infrastructure connectivity allowing quicker sales and onboarding to an established customer network. While BT Radianz benefits by offering its customers cutting-edge and innovative technology alongside its existing list of top-tier vendors.

BT Radianz

Like many Fintech vendors, ipushpull utilises cutting-edge cloud-based technologies and hosting. However financial institutions have not been quick to adopt cloud computing. This is due to a number of factors, namely:

  • Security, banks are heavily regulated so the security of internal and customer data is paramount so ‘on-premise’ hosting is the norm
  • Legacy infrastructure, billions have been spent on technology infrastructure, as well as the staff to maintain it, making banks reluctant to jettison decades of investment
  • Education around the cloud, historically the cloud has been seen as a consumer technology lacking enterprise-grade security, however, this just isn’t the case

Some financial institutions have embraced the cloud or have made moves but they are still outliers. The majority of financial institutions still request that Fintechs deploy on-premise installations which are not only costly to deploy and maintain they often lack the benefits which the cloud brings such as scalability, reduction in cost and connectivity. As BT Radianz is a well-established provider of cloud services through its private network or extranet, the decision to partner with BT Radianz was led by the credibility, security and network that Radianz can provide to its existing financial services customers. Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull comments:

“While Fintechs are agile and nimble and able to quickly create innovative market-ready technologies they are often dealing with financial institutions who, due to their size, are slow to adopt and deploy the latest technology. BT Radianz Cloud allows Fintechs like ipushpull to seamlessly connect with the big financial players at speed, at scale and with the highest level of enterprise security”.

Through Radianz Cloud, financial institutions can now access the ipushpull data sharing and collaboration platform allowing data interoperability from applications like Excel, databases and APIs to messaging platforms such as Symphony and Microsoft Teams and desktop containers such as Openfin and ChartIQ – all utilising the ultra-secure private network that the Radianz Cloud provides.

For more information please see the BT press release here. 

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