Accelerate your electronification and digital transformation projects

Connect your existing systems to your ipushpull service to deliver real-time data-driven workflows for your clients, counterparties and internal teams.

Eliminate the manual processes and operational risk associated with emails, file sharing and copy-and-paste.

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ipushpull solutions for Sales & Trading

Actionable Data Distribution: Real-time or on-demand

Connect your data or pricing platform to client applications in real-time, using your ipushpull low-code service. Audit user activity, monitor usage and enhance your client service to better monetise your digital distribution channels.


  • Reference data & prices delivered on-demand across chatbots, Excel and APIs
  • Sharing of live actionable trade axes to counterparties live in Excel, chat applications or an API


Pre-trade Negotiation Workflows: Digitise your voice and chat workflow

Connect your sales and trading desks internally, or externally with your clients in real-time through your ipushpull service. Uniquely, ipushpull integrates live data into chat and desktop apps like Excel which means live pricing, streamlined workflows and a better service.


  • Deliver your live Axes into applications your clients already use
  • Manage pre-trade workflow with standardised syntax enabling deeper integration and automation  
  • Complex package and basket trade workflow negotiation between counterparts in a live data and chat environment

Some other things Banks are using ipushpull for....

ipushpull brings a unified, consistent approach to digitisation and automation of a host of workflows across front- and back-office.


  • Connect sales and trading for real-time complex trade pricing eliminating files and emails
  • Real-time risk, collateral and margin calculations are available on-demand in desktop apps or chat
  • Live centralised view of pricing and book building for syndication and origination teams

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