Give your team and clients instant access to the live data they need, in any application, on a single platform.


Replacing inefficient emails & files

The ipushpull platform

ipushpull directly connects your data sources and existing applications like Excel, chat, databases and APIs delivering real-time data and a truly integrated experience across your organisation and with your clients or counterparts.

Validate and map your data into live ipushpull pages, chatbots and client apps tailored to your specific business processes. No code means no development is required.

This means improved efficiency, better information and reduced costs. 

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The right data

Select the data you want to share and connect to your ipushpull solution to automatically map, standardise and route it to your team or clients so they see just the data they need.



The right time

Configure when your data is updated, whether streaming direct to remote applications, live data-driven notifications, or though on-demand requests from your team or clients.

Learn more about our services, Live & Streaming Data, Data on Demand and Data-driven Notifications.


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The right place

Share your data with your team or clients via your own custom ipushpull or use our add-ins and plugins or share directly into your team or client's workflow tools of choice, like chat or Excel.



Secure, access controlled live data sharing

Secure, access controlled and audited

Unified user access and usage monitoring across all connected applications.

  • Enterprise grade security and encryption
  • Advanced access controls and user roles
  • Full audit trail of all interactions and updates
  • Live usage monitoring and notifications
  • Historical analysis and reporting

Take control of your data.

Secure, access controlled and audited

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