ipushpull is not limited to financial markets and offers its multi-tenant and dedicated services to many data-intensive industries.

From off-the-shelf live Data-as-a-Service to custom B2B workflow automation, with ipushpull you can deliver real-time solutions for your internal teams and for improved communication with your customers or clients.

Improve your efficiency by connecting services, platforms and desktop tools like Excel or chat applications like Microsoft Teams into a secure, unified, live environment. Eliminate emails and file sharing and replace costly legacy platforms.

ipushpull solutions: Cross industry

Data-driven workflow across your business

Access data across your business

From publishing data to the shop floor to connecting every department to the head office

  • Connect data between locations and devices for a synchronised, integrated workflow
  • Send data updates direct to desktops, monitors or mobile devices
  • Organise data from multiple sources in ipushpull Workspaces
  • Two-way data - collate live data from multiple data sources into your central Excel or database - live
Access data across your business

Effortless data-driven workflow

Effortless workflow automation

Cut down on manual tasks without complex installation

  • Automate your data updates and save time
  • Model and manage your workflows with ipushpull's embedded automation features
  • Configure real-time email or SMS alerts from your data or workflows
  • Off-the-shelf customer or supplier portal scales with your business
  • User permissions and access controls mean you're in charge of your data
Effortless workflow automation

Live Data on the Shop Floor

Connect the whole plant with live data


  • Connect live data to any department without dealing with files. Improve collaboration and workflow by eliminating manual processes
  • Let every team member act on the latest data for better production processes in a live environment.
  • Stay ahead of schedule with seamless sharing of real-time charts and data. All displayed in easy-to-configure ipushpull Workspaces.

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