Custom solutions for Operations Teams

We'll work with you to build tailored solutions using ipushpull's custom applications and chat bots and integrating with your existing systems to replace current inefficient processes like copy-and-paste, emails and spreadsheets sharing.

ipushpull's unified modular approach means you can bring ideas to production in weeks rather than months and work iteratively and flexibly to improve efficiency of your workflows. 

ipushpull solutions for Operations & Middle Office

Post-trade and Operations

Replacing files, emails and spreadsheets with live data and chat integration means more efficiency and better audit. Connect your sales and trading desks live to risk and back office for real-time risk checks and trade fails resolutions.


  • Real time collaboration and resolution on trade fails between counterparties
  • Cross function/department client on-boarding workflow management
  • Automatic counterparty risk consolidations and checking delivered as a service in chat

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