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The push for omnichannel data delivery

The trend for integrated workflow means that companies require a presence, or means to deliver data, to all applications on a client’s desktop. However, for many companies, this isn’t feasible due to the investment cost of building a variety of add-ins, apps, bots and services.


To meet this demand, data needs to be transformed into different formats which can differ between departments, applications, and personnel.


Businesses are looking for offerings which speed up their delivery without an exorbitant price tag either initially or ongoing, thus making 'buying in' or 'buying to build' an attractive option.

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Data delivered at the right time and to the right place

Omnichannel delivery means delivering your data across multiple channels, platforms, apps and devices ensuring that data is accessible, consistent and real-time for all users.

Using ipushpull, simply connect your data once, configure how you want to deliver it into a broad choice of applications such as chat, Excel or APIs and then invite your clients. ipushpull does the rest.


There's no need to build and maintain an Excel Add-in - leave it to us!

The ipushpull Excel Add-in is already used by 80+ financial institutions, either as a standard ipushpull Add-in or a white labelled version, by banks, asset managers, hedge funds, brokers, fintechs, trading venues, crypto firms and data vendors.

ipushpull can simplify your Excel go-to-market strategy by white labelling our market-leading, easy-to-deploy Excel Add-in and even customising it if required. Our client services team can even help you with client onboarding and documentation.

Looking to build a chatbot?

ipushpull can help you rapidly roll out chatbots - connected to your data - across a variety of chat platforms.

ipushpull's no-code bot framework makes it simple to share data with your clients making it available on-demand or in real-time. Our zero-client install means you can easily run flexible trials at virtually no incremental cost to the business.

You can also automate access to your data or service, freeing up time spent interacting with clients through less efficient channels, allowing you to scale fast without spiralling costs.

Provide your clients with API access to your data without you having to build a thing.

As soon as your data is connected to ipushpull, you can provide direct API access to your clients with; 

  • REST
  • FIX
  • .NET
  • JavaScript

Don't have your own client portal or web interface?

Your data can be accessed in real-time to a browser-based white labelled ipushpull Client Workspace, embedded web pages or onto ipushpull's own platform.

Using ipushpull no-code tools, Client Workspaces can be configured to display live data, apps and charts in your corporate colours and branding. 

Want a mobile app but don't have the time or budget to build a native mobile app?

The ipushpull platform is mobile friendly and our Client Workspaces are Progressive Web App's (PWA's) which means that they auto render and adjust depending on the device.

Your data can be made accessible on the go.

Scale your services quickly and cost-effectively

Prototype in days, deliver in weeks

How ipushpull meets the challenge

ipushpull is a real-time data-sharing and workflow platform with a set of add-ins, integrations and workflow tools that empowers data providers – be it a data vendor, fintech, broker, bank, exchange, venue or asset manager – to simplify and automate their data-driven workflows, ensuring the ‘last mile’ of delivery and freeing them to focus on their core value propositions.


ipushpull connects data sources with existing applications such as Excel, chat (Symphony, Microsoft Teams or Slack), databases and APIs to deliver real-time interoperability between incoming data and a client’s applications and user base.



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Matthew Cheung


Are chatbots taking over? Symphony and ETD talk about their importance.

We talk to Rob Friend, Product Director at Symphony and Simon Coughlan, Technology Director at ETD (formerly Euromoney TRADEDATA).

Top data delivery areas

Capital Markets Use Cases


Increase distribution and access to data using a chatbot, which helps speed up the process of onboarding new users. This requires no technical integration by the end user and is quick to set up, often requiring no additional installation. ipushpull connects to your data and then manages the integrations to the user's preferred chat application, such as Microsoft Teams, Symphony or Slack.

Data is refreshed on-demand ensuring users are always working with the most up-to-date data. 

Benefit from ipushpull's expertise in delivering data to bots and ensuring your services are future-proofed as your requirements and technology change.

Our platform makes it easy to connect your data into chat and for end users to query data.

Reference and corporate action providers already use ipushpull to increase the accessibility of their data while enabling new ways to monetise data.

This innovative approach means your clients can integrate your data directly into their workflow making their processes more efficient while saving you valuable go-to-market time and resources.

Improve customer experience by allowing access to your services directly from chat or Excel.

Allow your clients to query your services on-demand, such as;

  • Risk valuations
  • Financial models
  • Calculation engines

This means no more context switching between screens as data and services are integrated directly into your client's application of choice. 

Deliver omnichannel streaming prices direct to your clients across chat, Excel, API, web and mobile.

Through one connection to ipushpull deliver your data - in real-time - to multiple client applications.

Use ipushpull's access controls, permissioning and usage tracking to control and monitor your data.

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