December 09, 2016

Share Real-Time Sales Figures with Your Team

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As a sales manager of a vibrant sales team, you will find it hard to track your real-time sales figures. And as a member of the sales team, you would want to be able to see your personal performance. Larger companies tend to adopt online sales management platforms such as SalesForce or HubSpot. However these are pricey and cumbersome to use for smaller companies. iPushPull offers a simple solution to show real-time sales figures of the team and share the information online.


Real-Time Sales Figures without SalesForce or HubSpotUpdate Real-Time Sales Figures on iPushPull

Start by creating a simple spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel that outlines all the members of the sales team and the relevant performance categories. These may include the amount of demonstrations booked, deals closed, and revenue generated. Push this page onto an iPushPull page that is shared with all members of the sales team. From here, all members of the team will be able to update and track their performance.

Choose what Data your Team Members See & Edit

With a normal shared page, all members would be able to see everyone’s real-time sales figures. While some friendly competition may boost performance, a sales manager may choose to keep team member’s sales performance discrete. Therefore, iPushPull has fully accounted for this with their unique access control features. The sales manager can assign read/write, read only, or no view to each data cell for each individual. This would mean that a member would be able to update their sales figures, view the sales category, and not see anyone else’s sales figures.

Real-Time Sales Figures on your Mobile

Part of being in sales is being out of the office for meetings, demonstrations, and networking. But how are you able to keep track of your sales performance when you are not at your desk? iPushPull is optimised for mobile so allows you to track the necessary information when you’re on the go.

Who Else is Using iPushPull?

In addition, you can also choose to embed the page onto your website for easy viewing with our WordPress plugin. This is exactly what outsourcing solutions company, FlatWorld Labs has been doing. By using iPushPull they have been able to successfully track the team’s real-time sales figures on their website.


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