September 29, 2016

Research Delivery with iPushPull: A closer look at FuturesTechs

By Katya Mironova

FuturesTechs is an independent research firm that provides technical analysis research to hundreds of paying subscribers. The FCA regulated firm is run by its founder, Clive Lambert, who takes a unique approach to market analysis that has earned the company the Technical Analyst Award multiple years in a row. When faced with the current problems surrounding research delivery, FuturesTechs began using iPushPull.

“[iPushPull] has put us in a position to scale up our business, getting on with what we do best, producing technical analysis rather than concerning ourselves with [delivery]”

– Clive Lambert, FuturesTech founder

Current problems with research delivery methods

For most firms, their research delivery is done via email attachments to subscribers and clients. However, this process forces research firms to relinquish control over their content. PDF attachments lack control and can be forwarded to anyone, printed, downloaded, copied and pasted elsewhere, etc., all without the permission of the research firm. All these detours to the proper research delivery channels are not monitored and therefore readers are not charged for viewing the content. This not only damages potential revenues, but the research firm actively loses money. 

Research Delivery

Research Delivery via iPushPull

FuturesTechs uses iPushPull to securely distribute their research while maintaining control over what their subscribers can do with the reports. By uploading their research to the iPushPull platform, FuturesTechs is able to share a live page with the latest version of their content to their paying subscribers. There are customisable content control levels that can be specified per subscriber that disable or enable specific features.

By using the reader report feature in the iPushPull platform, research distributors can generate reports including information on their subscriber’s reading patterns. This includes time spent per page, how frequently they read the report, and see a history of reports they’ve read before. This intensive, next-level of research delivery analytics allows FuturesTechs to optimise the content of their reports and ensure that their subscribers are getting the most value from the information they receive. The back-end administration features also allow FuturesTechs to manage their users and enable or disable trial periods, and billing periods.

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