June 23, 2015

Enrich your live iPushPull pages by adding links

By David Jones

Have you added links to your iPushPull pages yet? You can add links between iPushPull pages and to external websites, and links that launch your phone, SMS or email applications directly from your live data pages.

Adding links between your iPushPull pages lets you build rich, deep and LIVE websites, and our Microsoft Excel Add-in lets you add them quickly and easily. Links let you structure your data exactly the way you want to – with index pages and high level summary reports connected to detailed breakdowns, allowing your colleagues and clients to drill down to exactly the level of information they need. None of this compromises security – each user can still only access just those pages you’ve granted them permission to see.

One of our financial markets customers uses the iPushPull mobile app to keep their risk manager up-to-date with the latest market moves.  The summary page displays constantly updating headline information about each of their traders’ positions, risk and P&L. Each row links to an individual page showing detailed activity data for the particular trader, so the manager can dive in whenever he needs more information. Another customer has built a set of pages linking the latest stock levels in their warehouse to delivery schedules. In both cases our customers are pulling live data from external systems (trading and ERP, respectively) into desktop Microsoft Excel, and pushing it to iPushPull directly from their spreadsheets. They’re using iPushPull as a live Content Management System. Try doing that with Google Sheets!

Drill down into trading history from portfolio screen

We’ve embedded a simulation of a live stock portfolio being generated by an iPushPull-enabled spreadsheet below. Click on the underlined links to see the trading history for each stock, and click Back to return to the portfolio page.

To view this in our web app on desktop or mobile click here. Please note that we’ve made these pages public for demo purposes – if this was your portfolio they would be protected by iPushPull’s award-winning security and encryption!

Launch your Email, Phone and SMS apps direct from your pages

With iPushPull links you’re not limited to creating connections between iPushPull pages. You can add links to external websites, and create links which launch email, phone and SMS apps with the email addresses and numbers you’ve specified when they’re tapped or clicked. Build a shared directory page for your team, or create live data pages for your clients and let them contact you directly from the page with no fiddling around switching apps or looking for numbers.

Here’s one we prepared earlier, quickly and easily, within Microsoft Excel using our Add-in. Click on any of the links to see what happens:

To view this in our web app click here. It’s best experienced on a mobile phone or similar device with phone and SMS capability. We don’t recommend you try calling any of the numbers!

For detailed instructions how to create links in your iPushPull pages, read our excellent support pages:

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