January 16, 2020

Full list of 2020 London FinTech events, meetups & conferences

By Katya Mironova

The UK FinTech sector continues to go from strength to strength, despite the Brexit-related challenges the economy has faced recently. Last year beat the record for UK fintech investment. London alone saw a record year with over $2bn of funding, surpassing even New York. With the continuing presence of large global financial services firms and easy access to capital, London is the place to be for startups. ipushpull, a UK-based FinTech company providing live data sharing and workflow automation, is one of many London-based companies benefiting from the wide array of opportunities on its doorstep.

With this continued buzz it’s no surprise that London will be full of interesting and exciting fintech events and conferences in 2020. We’ve compiled a list of all 2020 London fintech events and conferences happening across the city. Stay on top of these opportunities to move your business ahead of the competition in 2020.

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2020 London FinTech Events and Conferences to attend

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