January 17, 2017

Best FinTech Events and Conferences in London 2017

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Despite the challenges that have been thrown at London post-Brexit, the Fintech capital of Europe is booming. With the abundance of tech talent and with access to the world’s largest financial hub, it’s no wonder that the FinTech events scene is more buzzing than ever.

UK FinTech firms have generated a whopping $5.4 billion in investment in the last five years. With more capital on the horizon, London is the place to be for FinTech firms. And following on from the growth of the financial technology industry we’re also seeing the development of tech movements determined to disrupt other long-established markets. For example, the RegTech and InsurTech scenes have both been on the rise. iPushPull, a growing FinTech company providing a cloud-based live data sharing service, is one of the many successful London-based firms benefiting from the vast opportunities right on its doorstep.

Looking ahead to 2017, we don’t want you to miss out on any chances for business and networking! So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the major FinTech events and conferences happening across London. Stay on top of these opportunities to make sure you and your business thrives in 2017.


Best of London FinTech Events in 2017

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London Technology Week FinTech Events

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