January 22, 2016

FinTech Conferences and Events in London – Best of 2016

By David Jones

With start-up friendly regulation, access to capital and a dynamic and innovative workforce London’s FinTech scene is stronger than ever, easily fending off claims of being just another tech bubble.

Over the last 5 years only 19 UK tech firms have raised at least $100 mln however this will soon change with London still ahead of the rest of the world and hot on the heels of our transatlantic cousins in the US. With the ‘Silicon roundabout’ thriving, helped in part by its proximity to the City, London is one of the FinTech hotspots of the world where ideas, vision and backing mean that financial technology is pushed further and goalposts constantly move.

The FinTech industry, including P2P lending, personal finance, cutting edge payment mechanisms, pay per use insurance, bitcoins, etc…, will continue to grow with London Mayor Boris Johnson and UK chancellor George Osborne making it part of the government manifesto. iPushPull has benefited from such government support winning two InnovateUK Smart Grants supporting research and development in mobile security and advanced access control.

Looking ahead to 2016 you do not want to miss out on business and networking opportunities that are happening all over London at the major FinTech conferences and events. We have compiled a list of the key events below;

FinTech Events in January 2016

FinTech Events in February 2016

FinTech Events in March 2016


Fintech Events in April 2016

FinTech Events in June+ 2016

Here is a table of all the events, do share or embed it in your blog. You can create and embed live Excel spreadsheets in web pages using our Free WordPress Plugin

Also you can check FinTech Event Calendar 2016 for some of the Global FinTech Events during 2016.


Please let us know in the comments if we have missed any London FinTech events and we are happy to add them to this list.

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